Are Free Online Movie Sites Like solarmovie Really Great?

Watching movies at cinemas is pretty expensive, also sitting along a wide dark room with many people is not everyone’s cup of tea, some of us wanted to watch movies alone at home covered in blankets while drinking some hot chocolate with free snacks you can grab at your own fridge. You can wait for the blu-rays but it will take at least half a year before it will be released in the market, also, it is quite expensive. This is the reason why online movies are a major hit for everyone, not only it was free, you no longer need to step outside of your house to enjoy your favorite here

Watching free online movies are indeed great, and not only that, other free online movie websites offers a free download. Despite all these benefits and advantages, these websites are illegal. Free online movie websites like solarmovie distribute movies illegally around the internet. We might gain a benefit from this but the movie industry will suffer if this trend goes on.

Why you should think twice before accessing a free online movie website

  • Copyright infringement: several countries around the world have laws pertainingto illegal distribution of movies or other related content (piracy). Some free movie sites are already taken down as well as torrent sites in order to prevent the spread of free online movie sites.
  • Viruses and Malware: these websites tend to send people to other sites when they click on the movie link. These links will open new tabs and shows random ads or random websites. These websites tend to have malware or worst, viruses (Trojan being the most common virus).
  • Hacking: some of these websites are controlled by hackers, once you’ve entered the site’s URL, all your personal information inside your computer will be taken.

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