A search and rescue team is called out to find two missing boys who have seemingly vanished without a trace in a remote, fire ravaged, mountain range. As the effort to find the missing teens intensifies Detective John Kilmer begins to suspect that they aren’t simply looking for two missing boys but something far more sinister.graphicline
In The Darkness is the second film by ‘April Showers’ writer/director Andrew Robinson and Producer Jenna Edwards. In The Darkness is the first feature under Robinson and Edward’s new company, co-founded by Producer Jeremy McGovern, Mattoid Entertainment. In the months following the theatrical and home video release of ‘April Showers’ Southern California was rocked by a series of wildfires, the largest being the Station Fire, which ripped through Angeles National Forest. The Station Fire burned a hundred plus thousand acres of beautiful mountain terrain and took the lives of several area fire fighters before it was fully contained. During this time,  Robinson’s fiancee Andrea Gold was actively involved in the evacuation effort of a private, working animal ranch located directly in the fire’s path.
Following the fire, Robinson was able to tour the ranch and see the devastation first hand. “It was like stepping out onto the surface of the moon,” said Robinson less than 24 hours after the fire had burned through the ranch, “Everything was grey, dusty and the air was still filled with smoke.” Despite being turned into a shadow of its former self, Robinson began to notice the possibilities the ranch offered in its decimated state. “I was instantly drawn to the somewhat chaotic and other worldly nature of the location following the fire,” said Robinson. “It was a truly inhospitable place that would make for a wonderful backdrop to the right type of story.” Shortly after the fires were contained Robinson began working on a script in secret that would utilize the ranch location to its fullest potential. “I’ve never written a story based on a location, usually you write the story and then find locations that will work with what has been written.”  A few weeks later the first draft of In The
Darkness was born. During this time, Robinson, along with Edwards and McGovern, were in talks to do another film, however upon reading Robinson’s first draft of In The Darkness, Producer Edwards, quickly bumped the film to the front of the line. “How often does one get the opportunity to film a movie that features such a unique setting and such demanding conditions practically, in camera?” explained Edwards in a recent behind the scenes interview. Within days In The Darkness was green lit and on its way to production